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Innovation Hub

About the Hub

University libraries are valued for the resources they provide students and the unique support they offer faculty and researchers. The Library is expanding these services to meet the needs of our Fresno State students and to prepare them for the technology-driven workforce and world. As an Innovation Hub, the Library can provide a nexus for creativity and collaboration across disciplines and prepare students for a variety of career paths and research opportunities.

Ideally located in the center of campus, the Library can provide students and faculty access to cutting-edge technology for all departments and majors. The Library Innovation Hub will provide co-working labs, makerspaces, and data centers, as well as a central space for students of all disciplines to experiment with new technologies and data. As Innovation Hub, the Library becomes a one-stop point that allows students to find and access information, develop ideas, experiment with technology, and integrate all of those tools into their ideas and learning.

Additionally, the Library Innovation Hub can serve as a gateway to the surrounding economic and entrepreneurial environment in the Fresno community. By serving as a collaboration space for campus to community projects, the Innovation Hub can blend services, resources and active learning opportunities that serve student entrepreneurs, faculty startups, and collaborative projects for the economic growth of our community.

The Library is evolving into Fresno State’s Innovation Hub in a three phased approach:

Phase 1 - Tech Lending and video technology enhancements

Tech Lending, providing essential laptops, tablets, and other equipment for students’ virtual learning. Our latest addition are noise cancelling headphones that enable our students to create “quiet” in their own homes. The Video Studios are complete while VR/AR/XR technology has arrived in our Innovation Space and is available for faculty projects as we continue to expand.

Phase 2 - Data Science enhancements

Data Science Center will build on the Digital Services and Geospatial Information Services currently being offered.

Phase 3 - Upcoming Initiatives

Emerging Technologies - we’d like our stakeholders (students, faculty, staff, and the broader community) to share what cutting-edge technology they would like access to. Then we will explore partnerships with technology companies and start-ups to be a possible beta testing location.

Through this bold idea, the Library becomes a sandbox fostering innovation, allowing students and faculty to explore ideas in an interdisciplinary environment. The synergy between the Library and innovative activities throughout our campus will lead to a deeper engagement and collaboration across Fresno State and the state of California.

To support, please contact:

Micheline Golden
Director of Development
Office: 559.278.5992
Mobile: 559.978.2938
Nestled in the center of the Fresno State campus, the Library is uniquely positioned in the very heart of the state of California. As the largest academic library between Los Angeles and San Francisco, its state of the art building houses some of the most significant collections in the California State University system. As one of 23 campus libraries in the CSU, the Library serves to advance and extend knowledge, learning, and culture throughout California, while providing value and access to the people of the Central Valley.

Your Impact

By supporting the Library Innovation Hub at Fresno State, you’re supporting student collaboration, access to technology, and helping prepare future leaders, entrepreneurs, and creative thinkers for a place in our community. Every donation will help us prepare students for a complex technological world as well as enhance research and innovation in the Central Valley.

Contributing to the Library Innovation Hub will:

  • Provide a central space for student and faculty collaboration across disciplines.
  • Inspire networking and creativity.
  • Encourage student exploration and experimentation with new technologies.
  • Prepare students for a variety of career opportunities and pathways.