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LSP Vision and Values Statement


Fresno State Library is a vital partner in the teaching, learning, research, and outreach mission of Fresno State. We will advance student success, amplify the diversity of our communities, and empower students and faculty through our collections, spaces, and resources.

Our Values

  • Student success - We value current and future students’ pursuit of learning, critical thinking skills, and career goals by providing access to research, expertise, space, technology, and learning experiences necessary to attain these goals.
  • Advancement of knowledge - We value the critical role libraries serve in knowledge creation through our provision of access to it, expertise to locate and apply it, tools to make it meaningful, and platforms to share new knowledge openly.
  • Diversity – We value and are intentional in embracing diversity, inclusion, accessibility and eradicating human value disparity throughout all of our endeavors.
  • Equitable access - We value every individual’s pursuit and use of information. We attempt to eliminate barriers to any individual’s ability to access information necessary to their success and well-being. We eliminate barriers to the use of library spaces, collections, services, and activities.
  • Innovation - We value innovation and provide an ideal environment to foster curiosity, exploration and creative thinking. We value novel, useful, creative applications of existing and new processes, theories, structures, skills, space and technology for student success.
  • Communication - We value communication that is open, creative, consultative and responsive to individual differences and to user and organizational needs. We are empathetic in our design and provision of user services and spaces, and in our problem-solving, collaboration, and inclusivity.
  • Integrity - We value trust, openness, and we respect each other and have a deep regard for our users and for equitable processes.