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Digital Signage

What functionality is available through the signs?

  • Wayfinding: Using either an internal Library map or a campus-level map, you can find your way from the sign location to the room, office or building you’re interested in visiting.
  • Directory: Look up the phone, email or location of a campus employee or group.
  • News: Get the details on important campus activities.
  • Events: View the week’s events occurring all around campus.
  • Twitter: Discover what the Fresno State campus is tweeting.
  • Multimedia: Watch important and timely videos produced by the Library.

Where are the signs located?

There are currently three digital signs in the Library at strategically key traffic points, which allow a visitor to get information at a time they need it. They are:

  1. First floor, North Wing, across the entryway from the Circulation Desk.
  2. Second floor, North Wing, between the bridge to the South Wing and Starbucks.
  3. Third floor, North Wing, on a column to the West of the Pete P. Peters Ellipse Balcony gallery and near the main elevator.

What is the purpose of digital signage?

A definition provided by Wikipedia tells us that digital signage allows one to interact with visitors to provide information that is wanted immediately, in a special or customized context, and in a more timely manner. We want Library visitors to know where to go and when they have to be there.

The wayfinding and map technologies get them where to go and the events plus news features help them figure out when they should be there. The multimedia offerings provide an opportunity to be educational and informative; useful during the beginning of the semester or Library exhibitions.


We really want to improve the functionality and features in this useful tool, so we need your assistance. After you work with one of the signs, visit our online feedback form to give us comments or suggestions.

Policy and Procedure

We are currently in the process of creating a framework of policy and processes to handle requests to include content or post campus community information on our digital signage. This page will be updated when those procedures are finalized.

In the meantime, if you have any questions or requests that need consideration, please contact David Celaya at 559.278.5783 or