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Food and Drink

To minimize damage to to the Library collections and maintain a clean and welcoming environment, the library has established the following guide to help you select an area of the library to eat and study. Look for signs located throughout the building that will tell you what is allowed in each area.

In addition, we ask that you act responsibly when consuming food and drink in the library, be considerate of others, dispose of your trash and recycling in appropriate containers, and alert staff immediately of any spills. It is at the discretion of library staff to determine whether a user is causing excessive disruption or distraction to others with their food or drink.

Food Free Areas

Food-Free Areas are used to protect research materials and special-use spaces. The following are Food Free Areas:

  • Table Mountain Rancheria Reading Room
  • Leon S. Peters Ellipse Gallery
  • Pete P. Peters Ellipse Balcony
  • Center for Faculty Excellence Classrooms
  • Arne Nixon Center
  • Special Collections Research Center
  • Music and Media

Light Snack Areas

Light snacks and covered drinks are OK in these areas. Noisy, messy and strong-smelling foods are prohibited out of courtesy to others. Light snacks are able to be enjoyed in all areas of the library, unless listed in one of the Food Free Areas. The following are Light Snacks Areas:

  • 3rd floor, North Wing
  • 2nd floor, North Wing
  • 1st floor, North Wing
  • 1st floor, South Wing

Food Friendly Area

You may bring your own food and drinks to this area. Noisy and strong-smelling foods are permitted, but please be courteous to those around you and clean up any mess. The following is a Food Friendly Area:

  • 2nd floor, North Wing

Special Events

Occasionally the library sponsors special events which include food service.  The location and food guidelines specific to each sponsored event are carefully selected and approved by library administration.