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Information for Repository Contributors

Interested in contributing to the Fresno State Digital Repository (FSDR)? There are three ways you can go about it:

  1. Let’s have a conversation: Provide us general information about the material you’d like to contribute and we’ll get back to you.
  2. We’ll do it for you: If you have a number of scholarly articles or monographs to contribute, provide us with a list of citations. We’ll add the citations to the Faculty Bibliography where appropriate, and investigate publishers’ policies to see what content can be added to the repository.
  3. The DIY approach: If you are the copyright owner, submit your items directly to the repository. Log in with your Fresno State account, find the “My Account” section, and choose “Submissions.” Follow the instructions to submit a new item to the “Fresno State New Submissions” collection. We will contact you for permissions and any other required information.

Keep in mind…

  • The Fresno State Digital Repository collects and preserves the intellectual and cultural capital of California State University, Fresno. All items must have been produced at least in part at Fresno State.
  • You must have the legal right to submit material. This means you must hold the copyright and/or you must have permission from all copyright holders. We will contact you for your signature on a content use agreement as part of the process.
  • If you are submitting a scholarly article, check your publisher’s policy on self-archiving in institutional repositories. Some publishers allow you to submit the final published version. Others allow you to submit other versions, such as pre-prints (your manuscript as submitted) or post-prints (your article after it has been through peer review, but without the publisher’s layout and formatting).
  • If you submit your items directly, and you are the copyright holder, you will have the option to assign a Creative Commons license to your content. Creative Commons, or “some rights reserved” licenses, are a way you can give permission to other to redistribute and re-use your work under certain conditions. This step is optional, you are not required to assign a Creative Commons license.
  • For now, the Fresno State Digital Repository is separate from the Fresno State Faculty Bibliography. The Faculty Bibliography contains only citation information for published items, whereas the Fresno State Digital Repository contains the content of scholarly articles and other items. If we can’t include an item in the Digital Repository for permissions reasons, we may add citation information to the Faculty Bibliography.

Learn more by reading the Digital Repository Overview.

The authors and/or copyright holders are responsible for the content of their works. California State University, Fresno and the Henry Madden Library will not be responsible for the submitted content.