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Internet Use in the Library

Fresno State supports academic freedom and the free exchange of ideas, in conformity with federal and state law. The content of personal home pages on the Internet is solely the responsibility of the authors and does not necessarily reflect policies or opinions of the university. It is unlawful to affix the university seal to any material without prior approval from the university.

Fresno State Library Internet Services Policy

The Library provides public computer workstations for access to Library collections and for the identification and use of other information resources by Fresno State students, faculty, staff and the general public in support of the research and teaching mission of the University.

At time of high demand, persons may be asked to relinquish a workstation for priority uses or users, and time limits may be enforced. Priority use of most Library public workstations is given to those engaged in research or course-related activities and to University users. Priorities may vary in some Library units: for example, anyone researching government information has priority use of the public workstations in Government Documents.

The Library upholds the principles of intellectual freedom as stated in the American Library Association's Intellectual Freedom Principles for Academic Libraries. The Library does not control, filter, or verify information available over the Internet and is not responsible for its content. As with other Library resources, monitoring a minor's use of Internet resources is the responsibility of parents or legal guardians.

U.S. copyright law and contractual license agreements govern the access, use and reproduction of many electronic resources that the Library makes available to its users. Electronic resources available through licensing agreements are for noncommercial use by students, faculty, staff and onsite users for education or research.

Individuals are expected to use public workstations responsibly and in compliance with state and federal law and University and Library policies. Users must not infringe on the rights or privacy of others or the integrity of the computer system. The Library may deny access to those violating this policy and violators may be subject to appropriate disciplinary or legal action.

The following are examples of unacceptable use:

  • Downloading or installing files or software to hard drives.
  • Deliberately altering any files or modifying the configuration of any Library workstation or peripheral.
  • Violating Library computer security or network integrity, including attempts to bypass network security, obtain passwords, share passwords with others, or the unauthorized use of passwords.
  • Destroying or damaging computer equipment or removing any part of Library computer workstations.
  • Connecting personal computers, laptops, or other devices to the Library network except via the wireless network provided for such use.

Fresno State Acceptable Use Policy of Information Technology Resources (APM 622) interim, rev 2/21/08