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Meeting and Event Spaces

General Information

The Library has rooms and spaces that are available, on a limited basis, to faculty and staff for Fresno State events. Rooms are reserved in the 25Live campus room management system where you can also find additional space details and descriptions. Please contact Library Administration at 559.278.2403 or for more information and assistance with booking rooms.

Library spaces are normally scheduled on a first come, first served basis. Priority scheduling is extended to campus administration and initiatives and programs that support student success.

Please note that failure to comply with these policies and procedures will result in a warning. Further infractions will result in immediate suspension of facility use privileges for six months from the date of infraction.

The Fresno State Library is an ADA-compliant facility in accordance with campus policy.

Meeting Spaces Available

  • LIB 1222 (CAP: 10) - Conference style smart room designed for small meetings or webinars.

  • LIB 2108 (CAP: 24) - Conference style smart room designed for larger meetings, webinars, and workshops. Furniture cannot be rearranged.

  • LIB 2127 (CAP: 35) - Computer lab; reserved for library information literacy instruction during the months of September, October, February, and March.

  • LIB 2206 (CAP: 99) - Large presentation room. Upon request when booked, the room can be configured with tables and chairs OR chairs only.

  • LIB 3212 (CAP: 60) - Large presentation room. Upon request when booked, the room can be configured with tables and chairs OR chairs only.

Event Spaces Available

  • Leon S. Peters Ellipse Gallery (CAP: 99) - 2nd floor, North Wing. Full sized gallery space appropriate for larger exhibitions, lectures, events, and receptions.

  • Pete P. Peters Ellipse Balcony (CAP: 49) - 3rd floor, North Wing. An intimate gallery space located in the balcony overlooking the Leon S. Peters Ellipse Gallery. Appropriate for smaller exhibitions and intimate receptions.



  • Library spaces cannot be reserved for regularly scheduled class meetings or instructor office hours.
  • Rooms may not be used if they have not been booked in advance in the 25Live system or by calling Library Administration at 559.278.2403.
  • Changes in room setup may not be possible without sufficient advance notice.
  • In most cases, rooms cannot be reserved on the weekends.
  • In most cases, rooms cannot be reserved outside of library opening hours.
  • Individual and group study rooms may only be reserved by students. More information can be found at Study Rooms and Spaces policy page.
  • Permission to use the Table Mountain Rancheria Reading Room is not granted by the library. For more information, contact Library Administration at 559.278-2403.

Eligibility to Book Rooms

No department, program or employee may reserve space on behalf of another department, program, or individual. Reservations may not be sold, subleased, or transferred. The department, program, or individual reserving the space must be the primary organizer and sponsor of the event and will be responsible for all charges. Students and student organizations are only eligible to book individual and group study rooms. Rooms are not available to organizations or individuals not affiliated with Fresno State.

Event Request Form

Any events that require special setup, promotion, inclusion on the library events calendar, or expenditure of library funds require the submission of a Library Event Request Form. Please contact Library Administration at 559.278.2403 or to request a form.


A Fresno State staff or faculty member who is the designee of the primary organizer must be present during the entire event.


Events may include catering in accordance with University Catering policy. Individuals who bring in food for non-catered events must clean up after themselves. Failure to do so will incur a cost charged to the reserving organization according to Facilities Management Chargeback Policies in addition to possible suspension of library facility use privileges.

Technology Support

All of the rooms listed above have audio-visual equipment available for use. Computers and cables must not be unplugged and computer settings must not be changed. Please turn off audio-visual equipment upon conclusion of your event.

The library provides limited technical support. HyFlex Classroom equipment and support is not provided by the library in meeting spaces at this time. It is recommended that you arrange in advance of your scheduled reservation a trial of your presentation or audio visual materials to ensure that it is compatible with the available equipment provided in the meeting or event space. For assistance, please call Library Administration at 559.278-2403.

User Responsibilities

Please be responsible for the cleanliness of your reserved space in order to avoid a potential custodial fee. All liability for damages to the equipment, furniture, or technology in the library’s rooms is the responsibility of the department, school/college, or unit reserving the space. If Custodial Services needs to be called for cleaning or repairs, the fees for these services will be charged to the department, school/college, or unit reserving the space according to the Facilities Management Chargeback Policy.

Library Administration must be notified as soon as possible of cancellations so that rooms can be reserved by others.