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Music and Media Help

Please come see us,Third Floor in North Wing, if you haven't already or you can phone us for assistance at (559) 278-2158. Consult the main library hours for complete library hours.

Assistance for Students

If your instructor chooses Naxos Music Library or Smithsonian Global Sound, databases to which the Library subscribes, you will access streaming audio playlists in Naxos or Smithsonian Global through links to these databases found in the alphabetical listing of databases under the Research Tools tab (top left link). If you access these databases from off-campus, you will be required to sign-in with your campus email address and password.

Below are some of the more common questions asked or FAQs:

Where will the Music & Media reserve items be stored?
Students will check out reserve audio/visual items at the Music & Media service desk, (3rd floor north, next to the Table Moutain Rancheria Reading Room)
What are the hours of Music & Media?
Music & Media has fewer hours of operation than the main Library. Please consult the main library hours page for complete library hours.
What identification do students need to check out reserve materials?
To check out reserve materials students must have a current Fresno State identification card with library barcode.
Where may students listen to or view reserve materials?
Students may view and listen to the reserve audio/visual materials at stations in Music & Media.
What is the loan period for audio/visual reserves?
Most reserve materials will check out for two hours. Faculty may request that reserve items circulate for 72 hours when there are several copies of the reserve item.
What are the fines for items returned late?
Depending on the circulation period, fines are $1.00 per hour or $1.00 per day.
How many reserve items can be checked out at one time?
No more than three reserve audio items or one video item.
May I renew reserve materials?
No. Reserve materials may not be renewed.
Can I put a hold on a reserve item?
No. Reserve items are checked out on a first-come, first-served basis.
How will I access streaming reserve files?
If your instructor chooses to stream audio through Blackboard, you will simply access your class in Blackboard.

Information for Faculty

How do I place items on reserve?
You can fillout the online reserve request form. Faculty may also call us at 559.278.2158 or email Keaton Johanson.
What type of materials can be placed on reserve?
Scores, CDs, VHS cassettes and DVDs can be placed on reserve. These items can come from the Library collection or faculty may place personal copies on reserve. Items borrowed from another library cannot be placed on reserve.
Where will the Music & Media reserve items be stored?
Students will check out reserve items in Music & Media (3rd floor, north wing).
Where will students listen to or view reserve materials?
Audio and video stations are installed in Music & Media for student use.
What about streaming audio files?

Faculty now have two options available for reserve streaming audio files:

  • Naxos Music Library and Smithsonian Global Sound are streaming audio databases to which the Library subscribes. Music & Media staff can assist you with establishing accounts and setting up playlists in both Naxos and Smithsonian Global.
  • Blackboard account. Before adding streaming audio files to your class in Blackboard, faculty must first open an account with TILT (Technology Innovations for Learning and Teaching.) TILT is now located on the 1st floor, north wing, of the library and can be reached at 278-6892. Faculty may contact JoLynne Blake or Mary Bennett with questions about streaming audio through Blackboard.
How long will the materials remain on the reserve shelf?
Due to space restrictions, items should be on reserve for a limited time period such as the month of September. All items are taken off reserve at the semester’s end.
Can I book videos for classroom use?

“Booking” or reserving Library videos at least 72 hours in advance will help ensure that the video will be available for your classroom showing. Instructors who list video show dates on course syllabi are strongly urged to book at the beginning of the semester.

To book a video, faculty may telephone Music & Media at 559.278.2158 or email Keaton Johanson.

Faculty will need to provide Music & Media with the following information:

  • Video title
  • Call number
  • Pick-up date
  • Contact information, both email and phone extension