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Collections Review


Fresno State is facing a multi-year reduction in state funding due to the pandemic. In addition, the campus pivot to primarily virtual instruction will continue through the end of spring semester 2021. In light of these unprecedented challenges, the library is reviewing its collections expenditures to control costs. This page will be updated regularly to provide transparency about cancellations, as well as ongoing updates for ibrary users.

Library Administration is working with librarians, staff, and departments to review our current collections, focusing on developing a more economically sustainable collections model. This year, primarily online and streaming resources will be emphasized for retention, as well as resources with high usage rates and which serve the widest number of students possible.

Date Last Revised: November 16, 2020

Page Sections:

Fresno State’s fiscal year 2020-2021 budget has not yet been finalized; our fall 2020 collections reduction target of approximately $425,000 anticipates the collections portion of the library’s overall budget reduction. The target will be updated as budget information becomes available.

Starting in December, 2020, this webpage will be updated with a list of resource cancellations, subscription end dates, and alternative resources. This will allow faculty to plan their teaching materials. A clear process for requesting reinstatement of resources, including a request form, will also be provided. However, please note that our ability to reinstate items will be very limited in the current budget scenario.

Through this ongoing process of critical evaluation of resources, the library continues to create a rigorously curated collection to support campus instruction, programs, access, and student success. This process will be revisited and reported bi-annually, and incorporate ongoing consultation with campus faculty, students, and other library users.