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Our Collections

Arne Nixon Center

A department of the Fresno State Library, the Arne Nixon Center is one of North America's leading resources for the study of children's and young adult literature.

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Central Valley Housing Data Repository

A centralized way to engage our community and to help facilitate research and learning on housing and land issues, alongside community partners, providing active learning experiences for students.

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Digital Bookplates

This modern equivalent of a library tradition, long practiced to commemorate a donated item or financial gift from a patron person or group, dear to the library.

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Digitized @ Fresno State Library

Our digitized and digital collections reflect the history, achievements, and creativity of the Fresno State community and the greater Central Valley.

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eBook Collections

The eBooks, and other digital documents, offered by publishers online and which are available to you through the Library.

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Faculty Bibliography

A comprehensive list of publications by faculty at Fresno State University, with links to access published items.

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Government Information

As a Federal Depository library, we have access to all documents published by the Federal government. We also have select local and state government documents too.

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Map and Aerial Photograph

We have aerial photographs of the Central Valley to maps of both local and global locations, Atlases to Gazeteers. This is where you can visualize history as it really was.

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Music and Media Resources

The Music and Media Library provides access to an extensive music and film collection, technology borrowing, and graphic/video/music editing software.

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Popular Reading Collection

The Popular Reading Collection includes recent fiction and non-fiction books for recreational reading.

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Portuguese Beyond Borders Institute Collection

The Portuguese Beyond Borders Institute (PBBI) Collection at the Fresno State Library is the hub for cultural, literary, pedagogical, and research resources for the diverse Portuguese Diaspora in the San Joaquin Valley, focusing on the Azorean-American experience.

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ScholarWorks at Fresno State

ScholarWorks is the open access repository for the intellectual and cultural capital of the California State University system and Fresno State.

ScholarWorks at Fresno State

Special Collections Research Center

The Special Collections Research Center is comprised of several specialized book collections, manuscript collections, the University Archives and the Central Valley Political Archive.

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Teacher Resource Center

The Teacher Resource Center (TRC) is a collection of teaching materials used in pre-Kindergarten through grade 12 classrooms.

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Viticulture and Enology Library

The Viticulture & Enology Library serves the grape, wine, and raisin industries, the public, and the Department of Viticulture and Enology through access to research and information.

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Video Repository

This repository contains a number of videos and oral histories from the Special Collections Research Center archives.

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