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Community Borrower Cards

If you’re interested in getting a “Community Borrower’s Card” from the Henry Madden Library, which gives you the ability to check-out materials and some other limited services, then select from below the most accurate and appropriate description of your status.

California Resident

Choose this if you are a CA Resident, 18 years or older, and do not meet any of the other criteria on this page.

Higher-Ed Student

A student at Fresno Pacific University, any other California State University campus, or a recent Fresno State Graduate (1 year only).

Faculty Member

A faculty member for a California Community College, any University of California campus, or a Public/Private School Teacher (TK-12).


Spouse or Domestic Partner

A spouse or domestic partner of a Fresno State employee, either current or retired.

Fresno State Alumni

A member of the Fresno State Alumni Association.

Government Employee

An employee of the CA Dept. of Forestry, Dept. of Fish & Wildlife or U.S. Forest Service.