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Geospatial Information Services

Groundwater visualization.

The Library's GIS effort supports a wide range of technologies (e.g. geographic information systems, remote sensing, and global positioning systems) and the following:

Map and Aerial Locator Tool

MALT is a spatially enabled web-based application to search for maps and historical aerials in the Central Valley region of California. NOTE: Best viewed in Firefox and Google Chrome browsers.

San Joaquin Valley Groundwater

An interactive map, California's San Joaquin Valley, showing the depth to ground water from 1970 to the current water year; featuring a swipe tool for comparison of two different years.

3-D Groundwater Model

A 3-D model of groundwater levels, requiring a desktop web browser supporting WebGL; not supported on mobile devices. NOTE: Best viewed in Firefox and Google Chrome browsers.

Heat and Income in Fresno Metro Area

An interactive map showing surface heat and income level may be correlated in Fresno Metro area, using Summer 2021 data.

Library Walking Directions

An HTML-based tool providing walking directions to anywhere on the Fresno State campus from the Library's front door.

City of Fresno Crime Dashboard

A dashboard shows current crimes in the City of Fresno. The dashboard includes a map displaying crime distribution (no exact locations of the incidents displayed, click a dot will display details of a crime), the six indicators showing major crime status comparing to 7-day average, and the six line charts displaying crime by types since Jan. 7, 2022. Crime status is also available by Fresno PD district.

City of Fresno Crime Map

A map shows crimes in the city of Fresno. Viewers can display specific crime type by using the filter widget. The time slider enable viewers to view temporal changes of the crimes over time.

GIS Staff

Xiaoming Yang

With more than twenty-three years of experience in Geographic Information Systems (GIS), remote sensing (RS), soft-copy photogrammetry, and global positioning systems (GPS), Dr. Yang has been involved in more than one hundred different projects ranging from health and human policy analyses to urban ecology analysis.

Contact Information

Library Building
5200 N. Barton Ave., M/S UL34
Fresno, CA 93740-8014
P: 559.278.8457
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