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Reserve Services

The mission of Reserve Services for Faculty is to provide students enrolled in a specific course access to books and media that are required or supplemental instruction for the class. The library works with faculty to provide short-term access to these materials.

Other materials such as course packets, tests, handouts, lab manuals, power point slides, etc. should be incorporated into course documents on Blackboard.

Reserved materials are subject to Copyright Law which places restrictions on the amount and type of material that may be used for course purposes. Any items that do not meet copyright guidelines will not be placed on reserve.

More information for course and book reserves:

If you are having difficulty accessing these printable forms, or otherwise require an accommodation, please contact the Faculty Reserve Services group or come in to the library for assistance.

Course/Book Reserve Information FAQs for Faculty

How do I place items on reserve?
It depends:
What type of materials can be placed on reserve?
Books, Compact discs, DVDs and VHS tapes.
How long can students check out reserve items?
Faculty choose the check out period. Choices are 2 hours, 4 hours (media material only), 1 day or 3 days. Please indicate your preference when you submit the reserve forms.
How long will it take for reserve items to be available to students?
Reserve materials are added on a first-come, first-served basis. During the first month of each semester it may take several days or a few weeks before the materials are ready, but once the beginning rush is over items are usually placed on reserve by the next business day.
How many items can be placed on reserve?
For each course, up to 10 items may be placed on reserve.
Can material from the Madden Library be placed on reserve?
Yes. When you fill out the Faculty Reserve Services Course Reserve List form (PDF) or Media Reserve form (PDF), please indicate if it is a library owned item.
Can books from other libraries be placed on reserve?
No. Only books owned by CSU Fresno or a faculty member's personal copy may be placed on reserve.
How can I prepare my personal copy to be placed on reserve?
Write your name and contact information on the inside cover of the book.
Can anything happen to my personal copy while it's on reserve?
Materials on reserve will undergo wear and tear due to heavy use. In addition, we will add a barcode, call number and reserve sticker that allows us to process the item. Those stickers will not be removed when the personal copy is returned.
What happens if my personal copy is lost or damaged while on reserve?
Unfortunately it is possible that your personal copy can be lost or damaged. This is part of the risk of placing your personal materials on reserve.
Do you have a copy of the textbook for my class on reserve?
The library does not purchase textbooks. Faculty may put a personal copy of the textbook on reserve.
Will the library acquire books for courses?
The library purchases materials in support of classes and research on this campus. Suggestions for purchases are always welcome, however, suggestions are not guaranteed to be purchased or placed on reserve.
How long are items left on reserve?
Faculty can indicate which semester(s) the items will remain on reserve. Materials will be evaluated at the end of each semester. Items with low usage will be removed from reserve at the end of each semester.