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Student Lending Catalog

We want to hear from you! Send us your questions or special requests so we can get you what you need to succeed. If you have suggestions for what we need to stock, you can send them to us using this suggestion form. Want to reserve an item for pick-up? Send us your info here!

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Laptop Category


Laptops and netbooks with either Mac, Windows, Linux operating systems are available.

Tablet Category


Various iPad, Nexus, Surface or Kindle tablets are available.

Camera Category

Photography & Video Equipment

Devices for capturing video and still images.

Calculator Category


scientific, financial, and graphing calculators.

Cable Category

Cables and Accessories

Many cables, cases, small peripherals, and miscellaneous equipment.

Projector Category


This category includes projectors, slide projectors, VCRs and DVD players.

Audio Category

Audio Equipment & Accessories

This equipment is for use in the Digital Media Lab or the library building.

Experimental Category

Experimental Devices

Various types of experimental equipment used for discovery or creation.