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TRC Collaborations

The Teacher Resource Center places an emphasis on fostering a culture of knowledge and content creation among the students at Fresno State. Through close collaborations with courses and the broader education community, we regularly develop programming and exhibitions that feature work completed by our students. This page highlights collaborations that feature the work of the local education community and our teacher candidates at Fresno State.

FALL 2022 Sanger Residency:
Culturally and Linguistically Sustaining Pedagogy (CLSP) through Diverse Children’s Literature

The Sanger Teacher Residency Program (STRP) prepares pre-service teachers through inquiry in K-6 classrooms. This assignment came about after exploring the Social Justice Standards which consist of four dimensions: Identity, Diversity, Justice, and Action. Students used the Reading Diversity LITE; a tool for selecting culturally appropriate diverse texts for instruction to analyze various children’s books and multimodal literacies.

Rudine Sims Bishop’s idea of Windows, Mirrors and Sliding Glass Doors was used to support the methodology and approach to this assignment. Students were asked to choose texts that reflected the cultural identities of the students they serve in their placement sites as well as texts that offer a glimpse into another culture to raise awareness and understanding while promoting empathy and inclusion.

Some of the students in this cohort are also part of the BAP: Bilingual Authorization Program, seeking to teach in Spanish bilingual classrooms. They have presented themes around bicultural identities highlighting topics such as: language, immigration, and migrant farm workers.

We hope that these text sets inspire you to think more critically about the books you invite into your classrooms and that you choose mentor texts to guide activities, lessons, and experiences for your students keeping their cultural and linguistic identities in mind.

For inquiries or collaborations, please contact:

Dr. Steven Hart, Professor in Residence
Gladys M. Villanueva, Bilingual Instructor