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Library Code of Conduct

The Henry Madden Library is responsible for providing patrons with excellent service and a pleasant environment that is conducive to study and research. The following policies apply to Library users in all Library public service areas:

Eating / Drinking

Food and drink pose a potential risk to library collections, equipment, and furnishings. To minimize damage to collections and maintain a clean environment conducive to quiet study, the Library has established the following food policy.

We ask that you: act responsibly when consuming food and drink in the Library; be considerate of other students studying near you; and dispose of your trash.


The Library provides a variety of spaces for study, ranging from conversational and collegial to quiet and solitary. Designated quiet spaces are available for those seeking a more traditional library environment. Excessive noise including loud conversations or disruptive use of electronic devices is prohibited throughout the building.

Loitering / Refusing to Leave

Loitering is prohibited. Loitering is defined as wandering from place to place without apparent reason or business. Also prohibited are: being in unauthorized areas of the library; sitting in stairwells or in front of emergency exits; remaining in the Library after closing; refusing or failing when requested to leave during closing procedures or emergency situations or drills; or not abiding by the Library Code of Conduct.

Disorderly Behavior

Disorderly behavior of any kind, including verbal or physical abuse, threat or harassment, of library users or staff will not be tolerated. This behavior is in violation of California Penal Code §415 and §415.5.


Tobacco use in any form is prohibited across campus. More information about Fresno State's smoke-free policy can be found at this link.


All children aged 12 and under must be accompanied by an adult at all times.


Animals are not permitted, with the exception of service animals trained or being trained to assist persons with disabilities. Service animals shall be under the control of their handlers at all times and must be housebroken.

Theft Prevention

Library users will be asked to present briefcases, backpacks, and book bags for inspection if the detection alarm is activated. To prevent theft of books and library materials, state law authorizes the detention, for a reasonable period, of any person using the facilities who is suspected of committing “library theft” (California Penal Code §490.5).

Books, laptops, book bags, backpacks, briefcases, or other personal belongings left unattended are at risk of being stolen. If you leave the Library, you must take all belongings with you. Library staff retains the right to place unattended belongings in the Library “Lost and Found”, located at the Circulation Desk. The Library is not responsible for personal belongings.

Abuse of Materials, Equipment, Furniture, and Facilities

Cutting, tearing, defacing, or destroying books, magazines, equipment, furniture, or facilities is prohibited. Such acts amount to vandalism and violate California Education Code §19910 and California Penal Code §594.

Internet Use

Violating Library computer security or network integrity, including attempts to bypass network security, obtain passwords, share passwords with others, or the unauthorized use of passwords is prohibited. For more information, please see the Library's Internet Use Policy.

Posting / Distributing Materials

The Library provides a bulletin board for posting campus-related announcements on the first floor – library staff monitor and remove posted material on a regular basis; and reserve the right to remove and dispose of materials.

Distribution of flyers and leaflets elsewhere in the building is prohibited. Materials posted anywhere outside the bulletin board will be removed.

Photography / Video

In order to assure the privacy of the Library’s users, the use of still and video cameras within the Library requires notification and approval of the Library Administration.

IMPORTANT: If an individual’s behavior is disruptive or in violation of the Code of Conduct or in violation of the law, that individual will be asked to leave the Library. Further infractions may result in removal of library privileges. If necessary, the Fresno State Police Department will be called for assistance.

Approved Aug. 8, 2014 - by the Dean of Library Services