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Library Code of Conduct

The Fresno State Library is responsible for providing patrons with excellent service and a pleasant environment that is conducive to study and research. The following policies apply to patrons in all library public service areas.

IMPORTANT: If an individual’s behavior is disruptive or in violation of the Code of Conduct or in violation of the law, that individual will be asked to leave the library. Further infractions may result in removal of library privileges. If necessary, the University Police Department will be called for assistance.

COVID-19 Update: Face masks are required while in the library.

Abuse of Materials, Equipment, Furniture, and Facilities

Acts of vandalism to any of the library's collection, equipment, furniture, or facilities violates California Education Code §19910 and California Penal Code §594. Abuse of materials includes cutting, tearing, defacing, or otherwise destroying these library possessions.


Animals other than service animals are not permitted in the library. Service animals include animals trained or in the process of being trained to assist persons with disabilities. Service animals must remain under the control of their handlers at all times and must be housebroken.


All children aged 12 and under must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

Disorderly Behavior

Disorderly behavior is a violation of California Penal Codes §415 and §415.5. Disorderly behavior includes exhibiting threatening behaviors such as abusive language, threats of violence, harassment, consuming food or drink in areas where they are not permitted, disturbing others with strong odors (e.g., perfumes, alcohol, or unsanitary personal conditions), engaging in sexual activities such as indecent exposure, sexual harassment, making unwanted or inappropriate sexual advances, harassment on account of race, religion, ethnic background, gender, or sexual orientation, using alcohol, tobacco, or any other controlled substances, or engaging in any behavior that threatens the safety of oneself or others. Disorderly behavior in the library is strictly prohibited.

Food and Drinks

To minimize damage to to the Library collections and maintain a clean and welcoming environment, the library has established the following guide to help you select an area of the library to eat and study. Look for signs located throughout the building that will tell you what is allowed in each area.

Please visit the Food and Drinks policy page for more detail, as well as a list of these designated areas.

Internet Use

The library provides access to the internet for the purposes of research, searching the library collections, studying, and accessing databases. Violations of the intended use of the internet is not permitted and include: downloading or installing files or software to hard drives, deliberately altering any files or modifying the configuration of any library workstation, violating library computer security or network integrity, including attempts to bypass network security, obtain passwords, share passwords with others, or the unauthorized use of passwords, destroying or damaging computer equipment or removing any part of library computer workstations, connecting personal computers, laptops, or other devices to the library network except via the wireless network provided for such use. Violating any of these uses of the internet is strictly prohibited. For more information, please see the Library's Internet Use Policy or the campus' Acceptable Use Policy.

Loitering / Refusing to Leave

Loitering is prohibited. Loitering is defined as wandering throughout the library without apparent purpose or business. Being in unauthorized areas of the library, sitting in stairwells or in front of emergency exits, remaining in the library after closing, refusing to leave when requested during closing procedures, emergency situations or drills, or not abiding by the Library Code of Conduct all constitute loitering behaviors.

Motorized or Non-motorized Wheeled Devices

Using motorized or non-motorized wheeled devices, other than those used by students with disabilities, are prohibited inside the library. This includes skateboards, hoverboards, scooters, shopping carts, large suitcases, mopeds, bicycles, inline skates, or roller skates. These devices are not permitted in library buildings or on walkways where hazards, property damage, or personal injury could be caused by their use. These vehicles also may not be stored in any public spaces, hallways, corridors, offices, balconies, or stairwells, or attached to railings. These restrictions do not apply to Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) mobility devices or medical assistive devices, baby strollers, or to university staff and contractors in the course of their work.


The library is a major center of activity on campus.  As such, it allows for a variety of volume levels, ranging from conversational to quiet. Designated spaces that allow for a more conversational level of volume are available to library patrons for group study, meetings, and collaboration.

Designated quiet spaces are available for those seeking a more traditional library environment. These designated quiet spaces include the 2nd floor south wing of the library, the Table Mountain Rancheria Reading Room, and Music and Media. Conversational volume level and above is strictly prohibited in these areas. Excessive noise is prohibited throughout the building.

Petitions or Solicitations

To provide a distraction-free learning environment, we do not allow petitioning or solicitation of donations, including boxes left for this purpose, inside the library, regardless of the cause being represented.

Photography / Video

Photography and video recording are allowed in the library’s galleries and open/public spaces as long as it does not disrupt the use of the library by other patrons. To protect the intellectual and personal privacy of our users, the study materials and identifying information of individuals should not be recorded. Requests by patrons to not be photographed or recorded are to be honored immediately. Photography and recording in meeting rooms and lecture spaces are at the discretion of the meeting hosts. Professional portraits, commercial photography, and graduation photography are not permitted in the library without written permission from the Dean’s office.

Please check in: Media, amateur photographers, and campus community should check-in at the circulation desk or with library administration services (3rd Floor, South Building) to inform them that photography is taking place and to receive the following guidelines:

  • No disruption - no asking people to move, moving furnishings or causing extra noise.
  • Only allowed in open study spaces and open galleries.
  • Honor requests not to be photographed by library patrons and staff.
  • Do not record or identify study materials or personal information in photos or videos.

Posting and Distributing Materials

The library provides a physical bulletin board for posting campus-related announcements on the first floor. Library staff monitor and remove posted material from this board on a regular basis. Library staff reserve the right to remove and dispose of these materials. Distribution of flyers and leaflets elsewhere in the building is strictly prohibited. Materials posted or distributed anywhere outside the bulletin board will be removed. Anyone wishing to post materials must obtain permission from the Circulation or Research Services Help Desk before posting materials on this space. Vending, peddling, soliciting, or petitioning in the library, or posting or distributing materials without permission is strictly prohibited.


Smoking and tobacco use in any form is prohibited across campus. Cigarettes, e-cigarettes, cigars, snuff, water pipes, pipes, hookahs, chew, unregulated electronic nicotine delivery systems, and any other non-combustible tobacco products are expressly prohibited in the library. More information about Fresno State's smoke-free policy can be found at this smoke-free campus policy page.

Theft Prevention

To prevent theft of books and library materials, state law authorizes the detention, for a reasonable period, of any person using the facilities who is suspected of committing “library theft” (California Penal Code §490.5). Library users will be asked to present briefcases, backpacks, and book bags for inspection if the detection alarm is activated.

Books, laptops, bookbags, backpacks, briefcases, or other personal belongings left unattended are at risk of theft. Patrons who leave the library must take all belongings with them. Library staff retains the right to place unattended belongings in the library “Lost and Found”, located at the Circulation Desk. The Fresno State Library is not responsible for the misplacement or theft of personal belongings.